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OpenDNS offers IPv6 Internet DNS services


OpenDNS, a popular third-party Domain Name System (DNS) provider, is now offering IPv6 DNS support. The company claims that “OpenDNS is the first major recursive DNS service in the world to offer the service.”

I’m not sure that they’re the first, but I do know this is a big step forward for network administrators. I use OpenDNS myself for DNS look-ups. It provides faster DNS look-ups than ISP’s DNS I’ve tried and it’s proven to be more reliable than many ISP’s DNS servers.

We need to start working with IPv6 for our Internet connections because we’re down to the last dregs of our IPv4 Internet addresses. Asia’s out of IPv4 addresses now and it won’t be long now until the last IPv4 addresses are assigned. With IPv6 and its 128-bit addresses, we’ll have enough Internet addresses until the day we need to start worrying about interstellar Internet addresses. But, of course, to use them, we need to switch over to IPv6.

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