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What works, and what doesn’t work, with IPv6


As you may know, a lot of SOHO/consumer network gear doesn’t support IPv6 yet. At the same time, some vendors claims that their Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) works with IPv6, but it’s compatibility is, shall we say, a little questionable. Now, the RIPE Network Coordination Centre, the technical arm of RIPE, the Internet’s Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for Europe, is conducting a global survey to see what’s what with the devices people are using today and IPv6 compatibility.

They’ve done this survey before–IPv6 CPE Survey – Updated (January 2011)–but they’d like to make it more complete and useful.

Specifically, RIPE say that “we would like to receive more feedback on the IPv6 capabilities of currently available CPE. This will make the evaluations of the CPEs and the information we publish in the IPv6 CPE matrix more useful.”

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