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The first great Android Tablet: Nook Color


Let’s get real. There are only two great tablets out there today: Apple’s iPad and the iPad 2. Android has always had the potential to be a wonderful tablet operating system, but most Android tablets have been non-starters and, even the best of them, the Samsung Galaxy Tab aren’t as good as an iPad. But, the iPad may soon have a serious Android opponent: Barnes & Noble’s Color Nook.

I know what you’re thinking: The Color Nook!? It’s an e-reader, sure you can root the Color Nook into being a full scale Android tablet, but you don’t want to hack my e-reader and void my warranty just to get a cheap tablet that might, or might not, work.

Who said anything about rooting it? While rooting a Nook Color is quite easy–watch huskermania’s YouTube video on how to do it if you don’t believe me–Barnes & Noble will be upgrading the Color Nook to being a real Android tablet in mid-April. In its press release, the book store giant states only that, “NOOK Color will get even better this Spring when a major update to the device’s firmware will offer customers access to explore exciting new applications, e-mail and many other requested features.” Sources tell me though that the Color Nook will be upgraded from Android 2.1 to Android 2.2 (Froyo), be given Flash video support, and will have its own version of the Google Android Apps Market.

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