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CPTN Holdings is still trying to buy Novell’s patents


When I first read a story that CPTN Holdings-a Microsoft-led group that also includes Apple, EMC, and Oracle–was no longer in the running to buy 882 of Novell’s patents, I knew the story couldn’t be right. Yes, the Open Source Initiative (OSI) had protested against the patent deal to the German Federal Cartel Office, but just because CPTN has withdrawn a filing to the Office didn’t mean that CPTN was giving up on the deal. Far from it.

I suspected that since Attachmate’s acquisition of Novell has been delayed by Attachmate needing more funds to seal the deal and Novell had to re-set the acquisition clock thanks to the Christmas holidays, that the closely-associated CPTN deal had run into similar problems. I was right.

Sources close to Novell told me that was indeed the case. The CPTN group will be re-filing to obtain the patents. Their plans haven’t changed a bit. A Microsoft representative confirmed that CPTN was still planning on buying the patents. The PR rep said, “This is a purely procedural step necessary to provide time to allow for review of the proposed transaction.”

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