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Google’s Chrome OS is here… sort of, kind of


Ready to get a copy of Google Chrome OS and test the heck out of it? I was. But, neither of us is going to be able to do it anytime soon. Feh!

Unlike some people I could mention-cough, Zack Whittaker, cough-I do think Google’s Linux-based Chrome OS is far from being redundant and does matter. Potentially, it will matter a lot for business users. Unfortunately, I can’t tell for certain yet.

I can’t tell because instead of releasing a CD or DVD image of the operating system, or even source code for those of us who aren’t afraid to compile operating systems. Google just announced today, December 7th, 2010, that in its Chrome OS “pilot program” that a beta netbook, the Cr-48, will be available to a select group of beta-testers.

Boo! I wanted a beta I could slap on my netbook, an older Dell Mini 9, or into a VirtualBox virtual machine (VM). I think Google is missing a trick here. I, and a few thousand other Linux users who change operating systems and Linux distribution at the drop of a Red Hat, would love to take Chrome OS out for a ride. Most of us would then be more than happy to report back what we found and how it could be improved.

Oh well, so much for that idea. Instead, I’ll just have to petition Google for one of its un-branded Chrome netbooks along with everyone else.

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