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Meet MeeGo


Android might get all the headlines, but MeeGo, the little Linux that could, may yet become an important Linux for your phones, netbooks, tablets, and cars.

I always liked Moblin, Intel’s embedded Linux, and I thought that Nokia’s Maemo was interesting, but really did the world need yet another embedded Linux operating system? I thought not, and neither did they. The two technology giants, with the help of the Linux Foundation, merged the two together to create MeeGo.
At this point, you might be wondering, “What about Android?” You know, the number one with a bullet embedded Linux that is now selling faster than Apple’s iOS devices and eating RIM’s Blackberry for lunch? Well, yes, there is that, but there just might be enough room for two important Linux distributions for devices. At least, MeeGo’s supporters are certainly hoping that’s the case.

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