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Dealing with the Pain of Giving Up IE6


I hate, hate IE 6. If I were the CIO of a company that was still running IE 6, which it turns out 20% of businesses still are, I’d blast it out with dynamite. But, some companies, said Browsium CEO, Matt Heller, just can’t seem to get rid of IE6. That’s why his company came up with an extension that lets you run IE6 inside newer, safer versions of IE.

I’m not crazy about the idea of enabling companies to continue their bad IE6 habit, but Heller explained, “We want to see IE6 go away too. Having spent years working with business customers around the world, it’s clear they just can’t make that happen without a decent amount of pain. It’s not our intent to keep enterprises browsing with IE6 and we believe UniBrows will actually help remove IE6 from the Web.”

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