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Google TV, Apple TV, & Roku’s Biggest Enemy: A lack of Internet Bandwidth

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I’m sure the future of TV is on the Internet. It used to be that you needed to be an audio/visual pro to set up an Internet/TV connection . Now, Google TV, mark two of the Apple TV, and the Roku XDS make it easy for anyone to do it. Better still, on many new HDTVs and high-end DVD players, like my own Sony BDP-S570 Blu-Ray Disc Player, come with Internet video built-in.

So, which is the best? That’s a question for another day. My concern today is that for any of these to work they need a serious Internet broadband connection. You may have one today–I currently have a 20Mbps cable connection–but what happens when everyone needs one and when ISPs start placing bandwidth caps on home accounts?

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