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The Upside of Moving to IPv6


OK, you know your business will need to move to IPv6 for its Internet connection real soon now, but are there any reasons other than sheer necessity to make the move? As it happens there are.

First, let’s get the basics out of the way. What are the differences between IPv6 and IPv4? IPv4, with its 32-bit addressing, has all of the 4.3 billion unique addresses. That sounds like a lot until you start considering that you might have an iPad in your brief-case, a computer in front of you, and a PC in front of you, all of which may have a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address. With IPv6’s 128 bits worth of possible addresses, that’s 2 to the 128th power, until our dogs and cats are also carrying around a baker’s dozen of Internet connected devices, we should be safe from running out of IPv6 addresses.

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