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Keep Xmarks alive: Pledge to pay for the Service


So, there I was, feeling blue about trying to replace Xmarks, my favorite Web browser utility, when I heard some good news. Xmarks may yet live on. Yes!

According to a blog posting by James Joaquin Xmarks‘ CEO, “Many of you have cried from the rooftops that you would be willing to pay for Xmarks.” So, “We’re revisiting the idea of Xmarks as a premium service. We’ve set up a PledgeBank page where you can sign up if you’re willing to pay at least $10 a year for Xmarks. No credit card is required, but please only pledge if you are genuinely willing and able to pay:”

Juaquin added, “This is not a scientific experiment to predict what % of our base will pay, but it’s a data point that will definitely help.” In other words, they want to know if you’re serious about willing to pay at least ten bucks a year for Xmarks. I’ve already signed up. I’m more than willing to pay for Xmarks.

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