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There will never be enough Wi-Fi bandwidth


And, it’s only going to get worse. Deal with it.

My friends at VMworld, VMware’s annual trade show, tell me that the Wi-Fi sucks dead ducks through rusty tailpipes. I’m not surprised. If Steve Jobs’ Wi-Fi can fail while unveiling the Apple iPhone 4 to over a thousand Apple fans and journalists at the Moscone West conference hall in San Francisco, it can fail for anyone.

Guess what? It’s only going to get worse. Time was that people used Wi-Fi only for e-mail and basic Web surfing. Now, as I sit in a coffee shop in my hometown of Asheville, NC, I see one person with an iPhone 4 looking at YouTube videos and another, with their brand new iPad watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on Netflix. That’s a whole lot of bandwidth being used up.

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