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Google targeting Apple iPad with Chrome tablet?


Google Android was always going to be the heart of many Linux-based iPad like devices. That’s no news. But, what is new and news is that Google and Verizon appear to be working together to create a Chrome operating system based tablet.

According to the first report, from The Download Squad, HTC is building the Chrome OS tablet. The device will be sold in partnership with Verizon starting on November 26th. That date is already engraved in every retailer’s heart as Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and usually the biggest shopping day of the year.

After those nuggets of news, everything else that’s been written about the Google Chrome tablet has been pure speculation. That said, I can believe this core of the story. Google already worked with HTC to deliver the one of first Android smartphones: the now for developers only Nexus One.

On the carrier side, everyone who pays any attention to telephone company business buddy relationships knows that Verizon and Google have been working closely together since the announcement of their Net Neutrality plan. So, sure, the business relationships to make a Chrome tablet a reality are in place.

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