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Dumb and Dumber PC problems

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So, there I was, trying to get an e-mail client, Evolution, set up on my faithful old ThinkPad R61 laptop and I was going nowhere fast. I’d decided to use Mint 9, the latest version of an Ubuntu Linux-based distribution and that had all gone perfectly well. So, why was a simple e-mail set up giving me fits? After hours of tinkering with it, and more swearing than I usually do in a month, I sat back, had a drink, and … remembered that I had reset that particular e-mail account’s password back in June.

I was such an idiot.

When it comes to computers we can all be dummies sometimes. I don’t mean the kind of basic computer stupidity such as a na├»ve Windows user who doesn’t install an anti-virus program on their PC. What I’m talking about is when people who really do know better make a dumb mistake.

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