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iPhone vs. Android: Five points of difference


Wow, the way people are arguing about iPhones vs. Android phones I’m having flash-backs to the grand old tech. flame wars of Macs vs. PCs; OS/2 vs. Windows; or vi vs. EMACS. Now, I don’t have a dog in this fight. I’ve used both iPhones and Android phones, specifically the HTC EVO and Motorola Droid, and there are things I like, and dislike, about both smartphone families

Before jumping into that though, I think everyone should keep in mind that when you’re talking Apple iPhones vs. Android phones, you’re really arguing… ah… apples vs. an orange grove. All iPhones 4 are identical to each other, there’s quite a variety of Android Linux-powered phones. So, there’s really no fair way for end-users to compare the two platforms. You can only really compare specific phones when it comes to making an informed buying decision.

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