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Big botnets and how to stop them


There are hundreds of botnets, ad hoc networks of Windows PCs that are infected with one or more programs to let them do the bidding of their controllers, some are far more trouble than others. While you can’t afford to ignore any botnet threat, here are some of the worst of the worst.

“When it comes to Botnets, size does matter,” said Scott Emo, head of endpoint solutions at Check Point, a network security company. That’s because “the larger the botnet network, the more “robot soldiers” the botnet operator has to do damage.”

You shouldn’t get too wrapped up though in who’s the baddest of the bad. Richard Wang, the manager for anti-virus company SophosLabs US commented that, Sophos “tracks botnet activity based on spam that we see, sites that malware calls back to for updates and instructions, and known malware repositories. However, we do not track individual botnets as such.”

Wang continued, “Take for example the Zeus (aka Zbot) botnets. While many report that Zeus is a significant threat, they fail to explain that it is not a single botnet. Instead it is a toolkit allowing individual criminals to set up similar but separate botnets of their own. Concern about the top 5 botnets is like worrying only about crime caused by the FBI’s most wanted. While they are undoubtedly serious, the chances are that if you are attacked it will be by some much smaller fry.”

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