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Sun Open Source Reborn in ForgeRock


When Oracle bought Sun, there were many unanswered questions about Sun’s open-source portfolio of programs. Over a year later, we still don’t know, for example, if OpenSolaris is going to have Oracle’s support. We now know, however, that OpenSSO, an open source access management and federation server platform, will live on as a product under the new open-source company ForgeRock.

ForgeRock is an ISV (independent software vendor) made up of former Sun business and technology experts. The company claims that it based its “business exclusively on open source products.” The first of these is its I3 Open Platform. This identify management suite is built on top of several open-source including OpenAM, which is based on OpenSSO); OpenESB; OpenIdM; and OpenPortal, which is built on LifeRay.

According to Simon Phipps, former chief open source officer at Sun and, as of today, May 10th, a member of ForgeRock’s board and the Norwegian company’s chief strategy officer. ForgeRock’s I3 Open Platform is an open, high-performance and unified platform addressing.

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