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Ask not what Google can do for Asheville…

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but what Asheville can do for the world.

Of course, people in Asheville, NC want ultra-high-speed Internet. Who doesn’t?

But, one thing that Asheville has that many other towns and small cities don’t are resources for a better, technically adept, society. Whether it’s Green Technology or terabytes of data at the National Climate Data Center proving that climate change isn’t just a liberal myth, Asheville has resources that the rest of the world, at a gigabit per second, can use.

It’s more, though, than simply resources. Asheville also has a proven, major ‘can do’ attitude. Like too much of America today, the community is suffering from bad times. Despite that,, many of the people who live and continue to come to Asheville are ambitious and creative technological entrepreneurs. They include businesses such as the Elumenati, with its virtual reality designs and Open Health Tools, an open-source community devoted to creating interoperable systems for patients and their care providers. Asheville is not Mayberry. It is a modern city where creative professionals are working on building both new businesses and new, sustainable, ways of improving society.

So, Google,consider Asheville not just for all that high-speed networking can bring to the region, but for what Asheville can offer to those everywhere else.. By bringing the world to within a few milliseconds of Asheville, both will prosper.

Want to know more about Asheville’s efforts to become the home to the Google Fiber Initiative? Visit Asheville’s Google Fiber site.