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Google takes on China

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I know a lot of people thought that Google was just talking tough when it said it was considering getting out of the China market and that they’d never actually do it. Wrong. While Google’s words don’t say that they’re pulling out of China, for all intents and purposes they’ve made a move that squares them off against China’s government.

Sure, all Google is doing is switching its mainland China customers to use the uncensored servers in Hong Kong. Yeah, and what the U.S. has been doing in Afghanistan isn’t a war either; it’s just that there’s all this fighting going on there.

This is more than just Google ‘slapping China’s face. This is Google saying that it will not put up with China attacking it and more than twenty other U.S. companies. This is Google drawing a line in the sand, and saying that we will no longer obey your rules while you attack us and our customers.

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