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An iPad on your belt?

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If the reaction to my Linux alternatives to the Apple iPad story is any indicator there are a lot of people who want an iPad. People also have some concerns about the iPad, such as how easy, or not, will it be to use this large hardbound sized tablet. I don’t see that as a big potential problem, but it looks to me like Apple is working on an answer for it anyway: the wearable iPad.

You see, Apple just hired a senior engineer to work on wearable computers. I can easily see people buying into a wearable iPad. You’d hook the computer on your belt, use an iPad Touch sized device for its interface and a Bluetooth-enabled eye and ear piece for sound and video. Ta-da. Instant Mac Borg!

Actually, I’m quite serious. The iPad is primarily an entertainment device requiring relatively little interaction from its user, so why not put it on your belt and use a wired or wireless connection to hook up an eye-piece and earphones to watch a movie as you go for a run?

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