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Here come Linux’s iPad clones


You can pre-order an Apple iPad starting today, March 12th, but seriously, do you really want to? I mean, I get why you’d want an iPad. I’d like one too. But, when I consider that there are soon going to be literally dozens of cheaper, Linux-powered iPad devices on the market, I find it a lot easier to resist putting $499 on my credit card.

I tell a lie though. The Apple iPad isn’t really $499. Just adding a power-cord to the iPad will cost you $29.00 No, I’m not making that up. Really Apple, you couldn’t throw in a power cord? Shame on you.

On top of that, Apple will be including DRM (digital rights management) on eBooks and other iPad content. I really, really hate DRM. I have this old-fashioned idea that when I buy a book, be it an eBook or a paperback, I actually own it. As we already found when Amazon deleted already bought and paid for books on the Kindle last summer that’s not the case.

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