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The Linux desktop is already here


I found it more than a little sad that someone in 2010 could still think that Linux is “still a non-starter on the desktop.” Oh please. Wake up. We’re all Linux desktop users now.

No matter what you’re running on your desktop–Windows 7, Snow Leopard, XP, whatever–you use the Internet right? You probably use Google to search right? You talk to your friends on Facebook, Twitter of some other social network, yes? Congratulations, you’re a Linux user.

Desktop Linux, thanks to the Web, is everywhere. The old desktop metaphor is dying. Every day that goes by the lines between what used to be a desktop, a server, and the network keep blurring. Don’t think so? Answer me this: “How much work could you get done without access to the Internet?”

Even if you work in a business that has Windows from one end to the other once you go on the Internet to get to say your Exchange server, guess what? Chances are almost certain that somewhere along your connection you’re running over a Linux powered server or your connection is being made by referring to a DNS server running Linux.

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