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USB 3.0 vs. eSATA: Is faster better?

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Up-to-date computers now include external ports that, in theory, can handle data at rates of up to 5 Gigabits per second. But which is better?

If you’ve been in the computer business for any length of time you can probably painfully remember when serial RS-232 ports could barely handle 28 Kilobytes per second. And, adding insult to injury, the standard was loose enough that you could have ‘compatible’ devices that you could never physically connect. How things have changed! Now, eSATA can handle 300 MBps (MegaBytes per second) and USB 3.0 can wheel and deal up to 625 MBps.

So that makes USB 3.0 better right? Well, while USB 3.0 is good, it’s not as simple as “Whoever’s the fastest wins.” Let’s take a closer look at these new and improved ports on our PCs.

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