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Never reboot again with Ksplice


If you use Linux, you don’t reboot very often. In my case, the only time I reboot is when I upgrade a system. But suppose, just suppose you didn’t have to do that. Suppose you could even make major updates and never have to reboot your system? You don’t have to imagine it anymore. Ksplice delivers the goods.

That may not sound like much to those of you who are used to Windows and it’s ‘improvement’ to having to be only rebooted every month or so. For IT departments though it’s another story. If a desktop has to be rebooted every now again, so what? But, if it’s a server or several hundred servers than it’s another matter entirely.

Ksplice can’t promise zero downtime, nothing on God’s Earth can do that. But, what they can do is seamlessly merge most major upgrades into CentOS, RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) Debian or Ubuntu servers without missing a beat.

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