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Cheap WPA Wireless Cracking


Wi-Fi systems are always vulnerable to being broken into. I mean, just think about, anyone can pick up your Wi-Fi signal. On top of that many Wi-Fi security systems have long been busted. But, not there’s a ‘service’ that claims it will help you break into relatively secure systems for $34. What a deal!

The service, WPA Cracker is designed to bust Wi-Fi networks that use PSK (pre-shared key), also known as Personal mode, WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). Chances are if you you’re using WPA security in your SOHO (small office/home office) or small business network, you’re using Personal mode. I know I do.

In WPA-PSK, everyone uses the same WPA password. This password is then encrypted using a 256-bit key. That’s enough to stop casual attackers, but these days, you don’t really need much technical expertise to bust WPA if you’re lazy about your passwords. For example, the Church of WiFi has gathered together the most commonly used WPA passwords in look-up tables, also known as rainbow tables to make it easier to break WPA passwords when they’re found on the 1,000 most popular SSIDs (Service set identifier, the broadcast name of a Wi-FI Access Point).

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