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Liveblog: Google Chrome operating system arrives

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Today, November 19th, we’re finally going to get a good look at Google’s Chrome desktop operating system. Join me as I give a live overview. You can also see it for yourself, with a Real or Windows Media Player at Google’s Investor site.

12:53: Going into this, we know Chrome, the operating system, is a Linux-based desktop operating system that’s designed for primarily for netbooks.

We also know that it will use a new windowing system–sorry KDE, GNOME–and that its primary interface will be the Chrome Web browser. You could argue that is the first Internet-based operating system.

Why does yet another operating system matter? Because this time, the company that’s bringing it to the table, Google, is big enough to give Microsoft and Windows a run for their money on the desktop. The last time that happened was in the late 80s when OS/2 walked the earth.

1:00 Ahead of the announcement, Google has released some of the source code at:

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