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Windows 7: Unimproved Security


I can give you lots of reasons to switch to Windows 7 from Vista. It’s much faster, more stable, and it’s a much smoother ride. That said, I can’t give you any real reasons to switch from XP to 7, but I can safely assure XP users that come the day you buy a new PC you won’t regret it the way so many people who ‘upgraded’ to Vista did. But, improving security isn’t a reason to move to Windows 7. When it comes to security and Windows 7, it’s just more of the same old, same old.

This point really came home to me when I was looking over all the patches that Microsoft will delivering tomorrow in what may be the largest Patch Tuesday ever. Microsoft “will ship a total of 13 updates next week, eight of them pegged “critical,” the highest threat ranking in its four-step scoring system, beating the previous record of 12 updates shipped in February 2007 and again in October 2008.”Of these 13, five are for Windows 7.

Pretty impressive don’t you think for an operating system that’s not even officially released yet?

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