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Archos 5: The Linux Internet tablet for everyone


I honestly didn’t expect much from the Archos 5 Internet tablet. I was wrong. This Android Linux powered device is more than just another would-be iPod Touch competitor; it’s a powerful touch computer in its own right.

The Archos 5 is a do it all hand-held device. While it’s no iPhone, it does everything else. Personally, as a long time iPod Touch fan, I’m just fine with devices that don’t include telephony.

What really impressed me though about the Archos 5 is its 4.8-inch 800×400-pixel display. You might not think that it being a bit bigger than Touch’s 3.5-inch display or the Microsoft Zune HD’s 3.3-inch display, would make that much of a difference, but it does. It’s simply much more pleasurable to watch TV episodes or, even a movie, on the Archos 5.

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