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Microsoft’s latest Linux lies


If you can’t beat ’em, cheat, has long been Microsoft’s philosophy, which has lead to the Department of Justice and the European Union swatting them with restrictions and hundreds of millions in fines over the years. But, that hasn’t stopped them. In our latest example, an anonymous blogger who goes by GodofGrunts at, a site for people who want the fastest possible PCs, reports on his Microsoft ExpertZone training at Best Buy. What he ‘learned’ from Microsoft isn’t ‘exactly’ true.

Before I launch into this, here are some caveats. Microsoft ExpertZone is to help retail people learn how to sell Microsoft products. You can’t really expect to find fair and balanced coverage here of desktop Linux or Macs. I would, however, expect to find objective observations about both so that sales people can try to sell Windows without lying about it. I was disappointed.

I should also note that the guy who reported this is a self-proclaimed Linux lobbyist. So, clearly, he has an ax to grind too. But, we don’t need to take his word for it.You can see the ExpertZone’s screen shots fir yourself.

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