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Even Microsoft wants you to get rid of IE 6


Internet Explorer isn’t anything like as popular as it used to be. Many users of Internet Explorer have moved from IE to Firefox or other browsers. In fact, in July 2009, Internet Explorer fell to an all time low of 66.6% But, even so, 24.8% of people are still using IE 6, a real contender for the planet’s most insecure Web browser. Come on people!

Don’t believe me? Would you believe Amy Bazdukas, Microsoft’s general manager for Internet Explorer then? Bazdukas recently said, “Friends don’t let friends use IE6.”

I’d say that’s a pretty clear sign that’s it’s time to get rid of IE6. Personally, I think Firefox is the best choice for most users. I can also recommend Google Chrome, and the latest version of Apple Safari.

On the other hand, I’m not happy at all with Opera’s security. But, some users think Opera’s security is just fine. I think these people are confusing security by obscurity with real security.

Be that it may, even Internet Explorer 8 is much, much better than IE 6. It’s a quick download and it works fine with any modern version of Windows.

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