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Five messages to never trust in your e-mail box


I love Dr. Gregory House. As a journalist, I can really appreciate his view that “Everybody lies.” That may be too cynical for most people, but when it comes to dealing with your e-mail I’m not sure it’s possible to be cynical enough.

Every day, and I mean every day, I get not only spam messages, but notes trying to trick me into going to a site that will infect my Windows PC with malware or con me into giving up my bank account or credit-card numbers. You simply can’t trust anything you find in your e-mail box.

Here are some of the most common scams. Many of you might think, “How could anyone fall for these?” The sad truth is that people fall for them every day. That’s why thieves use them. If you already know them, think about your friends and relatives who aren’t as smart as you are and send the URL to this story to them. You might save them a lot of money or, at the least, a busted computer.

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