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Saving Linux cash on Vista clunkers


A friend of mine, Joe Eckert, recently penned a short, funny piece entitled, “Does Tech Need a Boost? How About “Cash for Vista?”. After I got done smiling at it, I thought, why not offer desktop Linux to people with Vista clunkers? Seriously, why not?

I’ve suggested that Microsoft owes it to its Vista customers to often them a free upgrade to Windows 7. I mean, come on, Windows 7 is really just a massive Vista service patch. There are no new significant features in Windows 7. You’d think that Microsoft, which has been having one bad quarter after another, would want to be nice to its customers, but, nope, that’s not going to happen.

So, since Microsoft won’t give Windows 7 for people stuck with Vista clunkers, why doesn’t a Linux vendor do it instead? Say, you just send an e-mail into a Linux distributor, and they’ll send you a URL to a Web site where they can download a brand, spanking new copy of a top desktop Linux for free! What a deal!

What’s that? Yes, of course, I know Linux is free, but they don’t know that! If they think they’re getting a bargain maybe they’ll finally start giving Linux a try

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