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Why openSUSE went for KDE

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Usually, the major Linux desktop distributors offer both the major Linux desktop interfaces-KDE and GNOME. Some, like Canonical divide it into two separate distributions, Ubuntu for GNOME and Kubuntu for KDE, but they seldom offer a default choice. OpenSUSE. however, is taking that plunge and it’s decided on KDE.

It wasn’t an easy choice. As openSUSE Product Manager, Michael Löffler, explained in an e-mail to the openSUSE community, “The default desktop is an issue that many openSUSE users and contributors are passionate about.”

He’s got that right. I think that Linux attracts people who want the most control possible of their operating system and the idea of there being any default choice, no matter how good, rubs them the wrong way. The mere fact that there are dozens of Linux desktop distributions and several programs like SUSE Studio, which lets you easily roll your own distribution.

Knowing all that the openSUSE leadership bravely decided to “default [to] the radio button to KDE in the DVD installer. Therefore, with openSUSE 11.2 release, the KDE desktop will be installed if the user accepts the default setting. Users can also choose the GNOME desktop at this stage.”

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