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What’s really the safest Web Browser?


It’s hard to believe that people will actually believe the new NSS Labs report that claims Internet Explorer is safer than other Web browsers at blocking “Socially Engineered Malware” (PDF Link), but I have to remind myself of two things. One, not everyone reads the fine print, which reveals that Microsoft paid for this report. And, two, not everyone is an IT professional who follows this stuff for a living.

So, let’s get to it. Is IE (Internet Explorer) safer than the other browsers. Ah, in a word, no.

Internet Explorer 6, which according to the W3school Web browser survey, is still used by over 14% of all Web users is the least safe browser out there. How bad is it? There’s a group encouraging Web sites to tell you to dump IE 6. Heck, even Microsoft wants you to get rid of IE6 in favor of IE 7 or IE 8.

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