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Time to look for an AVG replacement?


I’ve long recommended to my Windows using friends who wanted a free or inexpensive A/V (anti-viral) program that they use AVG Technologies’ AVG Free or AVG Internet Security. I licensed multi-user copies myself for my Windows networks. That was then. This is now.

AVG has lost some of its luster. While the program is still reasonably fast and is easy to set up, in one recent A/V tests its ability to spot malware was quite poor. I ran my own version of this test on a Windows 7 VirtualBox Virtual Machine, and well AVG did much better, it still didn’t find as many bugs as the German G Data, today’s Gold medal A/V program or Avira, my current pick of the English language A/V program litter.

More significantly, AVG recently misidentified critical files in Apple’s iTunes application as malware, This made it impossible to run iTunes. Ow!

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