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KDE 4.3 is here


That was fast. Yesterday, I reviewed the new KDE 4.3, and today it’s out for everyone to use. You can download the freshest code now.

If sheer numbers impress you, KDE would like you to knowthat, “The KDE community has fixed over 10,000 bugs and implemented almost 2,000 feature requests in the last 6 months. Close to 63,000 changes were checked in by a little under 700 contributors. Read on for an overview of the changes in the KDE 4.3 Desktop Workspace, Application Suites and the KDE 4.3 Development Platform.” Me, I’m not impressed by the numbers so much as I am by the overall improvement in its stability, speed, and flexibility.

I’ve been continuing to use KDE 4.3 and I’m quite happy with it. In fact, I’m using it at this very moment on my ThinkPad with openSUSE 11.1

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