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Windows 7 RTM works well


By the time you read this, Windows 7 may have been RTM (released to manufacturing), so it’s time to take a first peek at what Windows 7 brings to the table, and what it doesn’t.

First, let me shock the morons who think when I see any Microsoft product I have an automatic “kick-it” reflex. Sorry guys, but that’s never been true. I’ve always seen my job as being like a baseball umpire’s. Regardless of how I feel–go Cubs!–I call balls and strikes the way I see them. In the case of Microsoft for the last few years they’ve been throwing nothing but wild-pitches. If the 21st century Microsoft was a MLB team they’d be down there with the 1962 New York Mets and 2003 Detroit Tigers.

But, with Windows 7, which I first thought would be little more than the Vista pig with lipstick. I was wrong. With Windows 7, Microsoft finally has a new, decent client operating system again.

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