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Dell looks to Moblin for Linux future

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In a recent blog posting, Dell Technology Strategist, Doug Anson, said that Dell, as I wrote last week, was considering selling Google’s new Chrome OS in its netbooks. That’s interesting, but what I found far more interesting was that Anson seemed a lot more interest in Moblin, the new mobile Internet device, operating system for Dell.

Anson opened by talking about Google Chrome OS. He wrote, “Given that Google has made it clear that the Chrome OS will be available in the second half of 2010, there’s still a lot of time to see how this will develop. As with most new technology, Dell plans to evaluate the Chrome OS and other alternative operating environments, like we’ve done in the past. Luckily (for me!), Dell enjoys a great relationship with Google. As we have more details to share on the topic, we’ll do it here.”

Fine and dandy, but what caught my attention was that he went on to talk about how “Alternative operating systems, continue to evolve, flourish and prosper.” Specifically, what he finds interesting about them is that “These alternative operating environments are truly “different” from the traditional Windows platform – they don’t attempt to simply ‘mimic’ Windows.” Sure, Anson admits that that can be a problem, but “these alternative operating environments attempt to address this shortcoming by focusing their feature set with a self-directed experience: entice and direct the user to its strengths.”

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