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Stop piling on Mono already


I have no love for Microsoft, most of its products, and nothing but contempt for its now annual, anti-Linux patent threats. On the other hand, I don’t see Mono, the open-source implementation of Microsoft’s .NET programming environment and its related languages, as being an open-source “infection;” or particularly “dangerous,” much less that “MONO people have poisoned your minds and infiltrated Ubuntu to get power to enforce their will.”

Get a grip people!

Yes, Mono is based on Microsoft’s .NET. Like it or not, several valuable open-source programs like Tomboy, a well-regarded note-taking program; Moonlight/Moonshine, which enables you to listen and view Windows Media-bound music and videos on Linux; and Banshee, my personal pick for the best Linux music player, are Mono applications.

Would it be better if these applications were written in some more free software ideologically pure language? I doubt it. They were written in Mono, not Python or C++. It’s a pointless question. If you don’t like them, write better ones in another language. It’s the open-source way after all.

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