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Go to Toys ‘R Us for your Linux netbook needs


One of the most annoying things, thanks to Microsoft strong-arming PC manufacturers, is finding a Linux netbook to buy at a store-front retailer. But, it turns out that there’s at least one store that still carries Linux netbooks: Toys R Us.

Why? Well, perhaps Microsoft overlooked it, but small computers, like netbooks, turn out to be ideal for people with small hands-kids. So it turns out that Toys R Us still carries 7″ netbooks.

To be exact, the chain carries the Asus 701SD, in white and black versions, and the Asus 900A. Both run Xandros Linux.

Now, neither of these computers are state of the art. Both computers, for example, uses a 900MHz Celeron processor rather than a 1.4GHz Intel Atom. The 900A, with its 8.9″ screen size, a GB of RAM and a 4GB SSD (Solid State Drive), is clearly the best of the pair. That said, no one will ever mistake either of these as great netbooks.

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