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How old does your hardware go?


Over the years, more than a 1,000 computers have made their way through my office and lab. They’ve included a $25,000 PC, Gateway’s very first 486; several SPARCstations; an IBM AS/400 mini-computer; and a NeXTStation Turbo Color, which I wish I still had. Most of them only stayed long enough for me to review them for magazines like Computer Shopper, Byte, or PC Magazine. I’ve also owned close to a 100 computers, and some of those have stuck around.

I just completed an epic office and lab clean-up. During it I got rid of 386s, 486s, and old Pentium PCs, but kept a 4MHz Z80 KayPro II from 1982. I kept that one because it was my first PC, and I actually still use it to this day as a terminal for switches and the like. This led me to the question: “What’s the oldest PC that you’re still using?”

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