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Netbook Linux gets revved up


Scoffers have been dismissing the Linux netbook, but I’ve been saying all along that the Linux netbook was alive and well and that Google would make its desktop Linux move with Android this year. But, I sure didn’t see everyone this side of Microsoft jumping in the Linux netbook pool for the summer. Well, you know what? That’s exactly what they’re doing.

Let’s start with Dell. We knew that HP and many smaller computer manufacturers were playing with Android on the desktop. But, just recently we discovered that Dell is tinkering with Android on Dell’s new Mini 10 netbook. Dell has always been the most serious OEM (original equipment manufacturer) about desktop Linux. I can think we can safely expect to see Dell being one of the first vendors to ride the Android desktop wave when Google finally gives it the thumbs-up.

Oh, and on another note, Dell has also recently released a new set of laptops in Australia with Ubuntu Linux. Dell gets that desktop Linux is important.

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