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What’s the point of XP Mode anyway?


Microsoft made XP Mode so that you can run XP applications from inside Windows 7. Ah… OK, doesn’t Win 7 run XP applications anyway?

Let me check. I’m currently running Office 2003, OpenOffice 3.1, Quicken 2008, iTunes 8.1.1, ooVoo, (a video-conferencing program), and a host of other XP programs on Windows 7 on my Gateway DX4710 with its 2.5-GHz Intel Core 2 Quad processor and 6GBs of RAM. And, you know what? They’re running just fine.

Sure, there are some XP programs that don’t run well on Vista or Windows 7, like ah… ah… hmmm. You know, these days I really can’t think of a single popular program that won’t run on them.

This is a feature?

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