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1% Linux, 99% to go

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I know Linux makes a great desktop. You may know that it makes a great desktop. But, most people wouldn’t know Linux from a hole in the ground. Things are finally changing though. According to one survey, Linux finally has crossed over the 1% of the Web client market.

Net Applications, a Web site analytics company, just published their April 2009 Web users survey, Market Share, and they found that “Linux usage share on client devices has surpassed 1% for the first time in our tracking. Linux has been successful primarily as a server operating system, but client usage share has not kept pace with server share Linux has reached this important milestone on the client as Linux-based systems have become more functional, easier to use, and pre-installed on computers from vendors like Dell.”

It’s about time!

Desktop Linux has faced an uphill climb. It’s had to face Microsoft’s Windows monopoly on the desktop. It’s had to deal with its undeserved reputation for being hard to use. But still, slowly, ever so slowly, it’s made gains.

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