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Running Windows 7 RC on a netbook

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Microsoft, in attempting to drum up excitement for Windows 7, has been leaking releases every few weeks. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Windows 7, Build 7100, which is said to be the release candidate, is now available. It can already be downloaded from most BitTorrent sites. Will you, however, want to download it if you have a netbook?

I recently spent a good deal of time looking at the earlier betas of Windows 7 on a Dell Mini 9 netbook. The Mini 9 is an excellent small computer, and I’ve been very pleased with it and its native Ubuntu 8.04 Linux desktop operating system.

With the Windows 7 betas it was a different story. I found, in short, that Windows 7 required too much RAM and other system resources to run well on typical 2008 netbooks.

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