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Browser wars 2009: Firefox, Chrome, & Internet Explorer


Over the last weeks, I’ve been working a lot with all three of the major Web browsers, and I’ve come to some conclusions. This isn’t a review as such, it’s just what I, as a user, who never has less than three browser windows and several dozens tabs open at a time, have experienced.

Google Chrome. When Chrome first came out, I liked it a lot. With version out, I still like it a lot.

I have two simple reasons I like it: Speed and security. Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine is faster than fast. Only Apple’s Safari even comes close to keeping up with Chrome. The rest are just a bunch of slowpokes.

Now, many times when you read about reviews with benchmarks the differences, in real life, aren’t really visible. That’s not the case with Chrome vs. its rivals. If this was a NASCAR race, it would be beating them to the checkered flag by laps.

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