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MEPIS 8: So close you can almost taste it


One of my favorite Linux distributions, MEPIS is almost ready with its latest release: 8.0.

MEPIS 8.0 could have been out by now but chief programmer, Warren Woodford, explained, “I apologize to anyone who was expecting 8.0 to be final by now. It’s taking longer than I had hoped but I think we are very close to a final release. MEPIS is based on Debian Stable and our delays also gives time for Lenny to become final. The changes from the developers at Debian have been coming very quickly. At this rate they will finish Lenny soon.”

Debian 5 “Lenny,” after many delays, is moving closer to a final release. On January 31st, the Debian developers announced that the second release candidate was ready for download.

I’ve been using MEPIS myself as my main desktop system for several months. I’m constantly rotating desktop Linux distributions through my office so when I find one that I stick with, it’s a darn good Linux distribution.

You can download MEPIS now, and use MEPIS’ automatic package management system to upgrade it to the final version. If you’re looking for an exceptional user-friendly, Debian-based desktop Linux, MEPIS is it.

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