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What do KDE 4.2 and Windows 7 have in common?


I tried, I really did, to like KDE 4.2 I really didn’t like the early versions of KDE 4. I then tried KDE 4.1. I hated it. I kept getting told by people that I just didn’t get it.

OK, I thought. Maybe I didn’t get it. So, I gave the last KDE 4.2 beta and release candidate another try for a month on one of my openSUSE 11.1 desktops. Historically, SUSE and KDE developers work closely with each other, so openSUSE is a great distribution for any version of KDE. Well, they may work well together, but openSUSE with KDE 4.2 doesn’t work for me.

Just like Windows 7 beta, which I’m running on another PC, my fundamental problem is each desktop’s fundamental interface changes. In both cases, I find that, instead of helping me to get my work done, the interfaces are actually getting in the way.

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