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No Kindle for Christmas


I don’t have a Kindle. Yet. I was holding out for the second edition of the Kindle, but Amazon was unable to ship out by this holiday season. Now, even if you wanted the first model, you can’t have it. Amazon has run out of Kindles.

Argh! This makes two holiday seasons in a row Amazon’s shelves have been bare of Kindles. I can only presume that they didn’t know that Oprah Winfrey was going to name it her favorite new gadget in October. After all, if any company should know that when Oprah gives her blessing to a product it flies off the shelves it should be Amazon thanks to her book recommendations that turn no-name books into best-sellers.

Be that as it may, we won’t see first, or second, editions of Kindle this December. Kindle, however, isn’t the only Linux-powered eBook reader out there. Sony has two models out. There’s the Sony Reader PRS-700BC and the older Sony Reader PRS-505.

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