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Reliable Linux netbooks for Black Friday


like Linux netbooks. I like them a lot. They’re lightweight, they’re solid performers, they’re cheap, and it looks like they’re soon going to be cheaper than ever.

According to Mike Elgan, starting on Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving, you’ll see new, solid brand-name netbooks going for as little as $199. We’re already seeing Best Buy offering the Asus Eee PC 900a for $299. Will we see the Asus Eee PC 1000, which I like, for $399? We just might.

So if you do see great Linux netbook bargains soon, which one should you buy? I can’t claim to have seen every netbook on the market, but I have seen and used a lot of them.

Before charging out the door to buy one, though you need to think this through. You don’t want to just rush out there and grab the first cheap machine you see. For example, if your ring size is ’11,’ than a 7″ display netbook isn’t going to be for you at any price. You’ll never be comfortable with the keyboard. Personally, I like my netbooks to have at least a 9″ display. It’s a perfectly usable size, and it should have a resolution of 1,024×600.

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