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Do you want a notebook with that order?

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I know some of you really, really wanted Dell’s first mini-notebook to have a price-tag of $299 and you’re down because the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 starts at $349 with Ubuntu Linux or $399 with Windows XP. Well, just wait, you’re soon going to be able to get it for even cheaper with a 3G or Wi-Fi contract.

While Dell isn’t saying which wireless carrier they’re working with, John Thode, Dell’s VP of small-screen consumer devices has said that Dell will announce a wireless carrier partnership soon that will get you a Mini 9 of your own for a reduced price or free for signing long-term wireless service contract.

Some publications are saying that this deal will be for a 3G contract. Nice idea, but it ignores the simple fact that the Mini 9 doesn’t include any 3G hardware. What it does have is an 802.11g Wi-Fi mini-card and optional Bluetooth 2.1 capability. So, what I expect to see is a package Wi-Fi deal from a company like AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint.

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